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Malaysia Halal Certificate from Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.

Indonesia Halal Certificate from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

Thailand Halal Certificate from The Islamic Central Committee of Thailand (ICCT).

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"Recognise the trap though!"

A shocking facts - The Devil in you!

By: Razzi Rahman
    That's right! The Devil is actually already in you without you realising it. I'm not just playing a fool here. This is fact!

   I always wonder why, so many muslims around the world...each and everyday turn up to be Evil! Turn to be the bad guys, full of hatred, even murderer! I know one thing though, if anything happen to me, I will ask myself...what do I do wrong?
    ...I pray five times a day, I don't do sins but God still punish me, not giving me any benefit in my work, no profit in my business. I look through out myself and the answer that i can come out with is that..."The Devil is already in me!"

   You don't believe it? attract devils, satans, jins, demon, evil or whatever thing like it is very easy. You just do sins, just talk bad about other people, hate the prophet or just against everything about Islam. Then the pack will come and stay with you easily. Hanging at your ears to whisper about the next sins you are going to do. Swimming in your brain to confuse your judgement between good and evil, sitting on your feet just to deviate your steps. keep on saying, "I'm not a sinner, I'm a prayer...I follow every single Islamic rules and Prophet sunnah...I pray for ALLAH!" But still you are falling to the devil's trap. The trap that really easy to blendin without your!

    People's around the world talking about this for more than a thousand it halal or not? Many articles about halal and prohibited food. Articles about halal food, eat halal force, use halal products. The ingredients in the food, cosmetic, perfumes, toothpaste and many-many more. So many people talks about how pigs fats, bones and ligamen are used in most of the daily use products. But have these people realise about the consequences if you don't care about it? still using it? still eat it?

    Can't we see it? is a new way of conquering Islams people to falls into the deep narrow ravine that sucked you in and squeazed your heart blindly. And slowly you changed to be someone that against everything about Islam. Now, tell me that wasn't shocking to you...

    We are talking about the Devil is already in you and guess what, it's been inside your body all your life! The simplest example I can give you is, the 20 years brand toothpaste that you've been using for brushing your teeth are 100% made with animal fats and the gelatines are made from pig fats, boiling bones. Just imagine, if you are 30 years old...your body are already full with pig parts."EEuuuuiii!!!"

    There your answer! You maybe praying five times a day, you maybe chanting God's name millions of time but if you still eating and drinking haram. Still touch and use the forbidden food, product, the chance for you to be a real good muslim people
and to be successful in life are very-very slim!

    Lastly, know what you take, know what product you use and be sure to eat only halal food! Insya-ALLAH, your life will be a lot better, healthier and happier. I promised!

-- End --


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