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Malaysia Halal Certificate from Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.

Indonesia Halal Certificate from Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

Thailand Halal Certificate from The Islamic Central Committee of Thailand (ICCT).

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HALAL Gelatin

"A Shocking story!"

The Halal Gelatin is the answer

By: Razzi Rahman

I remember one story after a meeting with one stranger. Out of no where, I saw this woman with a look that so lost at somewhere. The face that so unbelievable, the look that so confused and full of sadness. I starts asking her, if theres anything that I can give a helping hand. My words is useless. The long pause makes me felt so unconfortable, suddenly…
“Last time, I’m so crazy for perfume. I really love using it. I felt something wrong if I don’t use it. In fact, I have my own collections of many perfumes that made from all over the world.” Said that young woman.     Don’t know why, I’m so facinated with her story. I stop to listen more and curious over of what she got to say. She continue with her story…

  “At one time, me and my husband have join a tour group to Europe. So happen in the tour plan, we got a chance to visit one factory that makes perfumes. In that big factory, I felt like I’m in the world heaven. There’s so many perfumes you can imagine. All kind of many top brand. I was so happy and crazy at the same time…crazy because they are selling it very-very cheap! Factory price! Far beyond you can imagine, much-much cheaper then market price.”
I starts smilling, she’s not crazy young woman. She also not lost. Maybe she just too shocked with her experience. But she makes me thinking. Why is she talking to herself in a very amaze feeling for a story that she been through for a quite sometimes already. Now, she makes me amazed and want to know more about her experience in that factory…
    "We were brought to another large area, I was smilling all the way with full of happiness at heart. My husband knows that perfume is my favourite thing in life and he is so happy for me too. In fact he himself is so facinated with the huge perfume factory. While all our happiness is flying along side with us, without I realising, we were brought to a really big tanks area which have white slimy thing in it. It is the last process before making a very high class perfumes.”

  “You know, the curiousity in me makes me ask one of the worker there…what is that white slimy thing in the tanks? And what the use of it?”
With undisguised, barefaced he answered me… “Ooohh, that is pig fats and it is use to make the lovely smell of the perfumes last very long!”

    “I was so shocked with his answer and starts asking another questions, “You mean, this pig fats is mix into all kind of any perfumes here?” That worker nodding his head and says, “They have to put it to make it last longer…and I don’t know any perfume that don’t have pig fats!”. My jaw dropped! I can’t imagine that I’ve been using and putting the pig fats to my shirt, to my skin all these years!!! Masya-ALLAH!!!” Continue that young woman. 
    I watched her face and it shows clearly that she still can’t accept her own story, her own experience. What a trip for her. I pity her but in a way I’m glad that she’ve founded something that very hard to believe or even to explain. Eventhough she gone through that situation for a quite sometime already but the thought of her using the pig fats, haunts her and probably will haunts her for the rest of her life.

    As for me, I am so glad that I don’t have to go through that experience. Feeling nausea, disgust! Can’t really enjoy living anymore. I hope my brothers and sisters. We don’t have to face those kind of experience by starts being curious and plese Be Alert…choose halal! Yes brothers and sisters, Halal Gelatin is the answer for your prayers. Your search for halal food, ends here. Now you can starts making your own halal desserts that hygiene and much healthier.
  For those who involved in pharmaceutical industry and food industry, HALAL GELATIN IS THE ANSWER!!!. Gain back your trust, gain more your market. With halal gelatin, life will be so sure and happiness will starts pouring. I can see the bright future with halal gelatin as the product of the world! Come on, do the changes now. Make that change!!!

-- End --


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