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Malaysia Halal Certificate from Islamic Development Department of Malaysia.

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"Live and eat HALAL is the matter!"

Why is it so difficult for us to change?

By: Razzi Rahman

I’ve been asking myself that questions many-many times before. Especially everytime I’ve done something wrong or something bad happen to me. I ask myself again and again…WHY? Why did I do that?!!...I know it’s bad…but still. I keep on repeating the same mistake over and over again. GOD! Allah Almighty!...  I don’t think that I am that stubborn. I keep on thinking about it each and everyday. Think and think again…so sad.

Why is it so difficult for us to change? A simple example, I know the toothpaste have non halal gelatin, but because I’ve been taking it for many years. I said, “ahhh…it’s okay…just a little bit…”. Another simple example, I love cakes and ice cream very-very much! Every restaurant I go, I surely ask for cakes or ice cream for my desserts. And I never ask myself whether it is halal or not. Then I’ve read in most of the recipes, making ice cream and cakes, they use non halal gelatin.

I know one thing for sure about gelatin, it’s produce from pigs which is haram for muslim. And I also know some gelatin is from cow and seaweed as well. Then I’ve become curious, is this cow have been slaughtered by muslim? Is it following the islamic law/syariah law? I have a big wonder there…YET, I still go to those restaurant and still order the same desserts. Without any prejudice, I said to myself again, “ahhh…it’s okay…just a little bit…”.

Why is it so difficult for us to change? Why don’t I make that change??! Choose halal! halal!, that’s what we’ve talked about all these years. Why do we have to keep doing the same mistake over and over again. I know it’s wrong, yet I starts making it all over again and again. Masya-ALLAH! At one time, it’s like I heard a voice whispering to my ears… “ahhh…it’s okay…just a little bit…”.

Finally, after so many years…I think I know why it’s so difficult for me to change though. You might say, it’s because of the satan’s persuasions. Persuade me over and over again to eat forbidden food. Yes! It’s true! BUT that is what you already know. All muslims know that. I want to share with you something that I noticed miserably! You may know this or you may not. You might think it’s small matter, and you might say it’s nothing! BUT brothers and sisters…it takes only mosquitos to kill an elephant. Do you know that?

You see, it’s so simple. Have you ever heard about the only satan’s that always live inside you from you’re born? YES… it’s always there my friend, for millions of years. Notice it or not, IT’S THERE! And it calls, LUST!

“Ya I know that…but it’s nothing…I can control it…my Iman is so strong!” that is probably what you will say or many-many other muslim will say. You know why you say that? …it is because, you read Quran a lot, you pray a lot more then 5 times a day, you‘re full of kindness, you do donation to the poor people, you fasting, basically you’re a good muslims!. So that’s why you say lust is nothing, you can control lust…and because you say it’s nothing and you can control it with your strong Iman, and that is why my brothers and sisters, lust is eating you slowly. Lust is making you forget about Islams law, lust making you desired for forbidden things!

You want to know how? …it is from your simple daily routine. Do you know that anything that goes into your body, it will be your flesh and blood? You may not drink alcohol but what about the toothpaste that you’ve been using it for many years?

...just imagine, the first thing you do when you woke up from your bed, before you do anything else, you brush your teeth. And the toothpaste that use gelatin, the toothpaste with pigs fats and the ash of animal bones is going down inside your mouth!. If you are 20 years old…it’s been inside you for years man! What about ice cream that use non halal gelatin? Don’t tell me you don’t eat ice cream or chocolates, puddings, cakes, jellies, gummies, pies, etc. Guess what, all of these have a non halal gelatine in their ingredients! And the cheapest gelatin in the world is basically processed and refined from animal protein, derived from pig bones, hides and collagenous connective tissues!

I guess, for now that’s what I can come out with. One of the biggest reason it is so difficult for me to change is because Lust is always there with me from the day 1. It’s inside me for the past 20 years! I guess the phrase of ‘The devil in you’ is very true. It’s already became my flesh and blood. “Lust is stopping us from making that changes. So that’s why satan is so easy come and go, squeazing around us good muslims. Now we just have to… “BE ALERT…CHOOSE HALAL!”. Pray to ALLAH, hoping for a better life by us choosing live and eat halal! Insya-ALLAH.

-- to be continue --


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